Job Opportunities at KCMC is a referral hospital

MOE:Opportunities To Join Community Development Centres FDC | Nafasi za kujiunga katika Vyuo vya Maendeleo ya Wananchi (FDC) kwa mwaka 2020.

The history of education on the Tanzanian mainland is divided into two parts that are before and after independence. Before the coming of the foreigners to the Tanganyika shores, each tribe had its own system of indigenous knowledge. Traditional education was a result of daily livelihood activities of various ethnic communities. It included knowledge, skills, values, culture, techniques and social protection procedures against plagues such as hunger,disease and hostile social security.


The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is announcing opportunities to join the Citizens for Development (FDC) by 2020.

Applicant’s Qualifications is any citizen interested in gaining various skills and knowledge.

The types of Training offered are:








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