Mhasibu at Usalama wa Anga Saccos

Mhasibu at Usalama wa Anga Saccos
Mhasibu at Usalama wa Anga Saccos

Mhasibu at Usalama wa Anga Saccos Usalama wa Anga Saccos is a registered Credit and Savings Society under Cooperative Societies Act, 2003, with registration No. 5303. Its primary objective is to collect savings, shares and deposits for providing loans to its members; the following vacancy exists and needs to be filled by qualified, competent and committed personnel.

Mhasibu at Usalama wa Anga Saccos June, 2020

Deadline for receiving applications is  20 June 2020

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Until 1974, Dar es Salaam served as Tanzania’s capital city, at which point the capital city commenced transferring to Dodoma, which was officially completed in 1996. However, as of 2017, it continues to remain a focus of central government bureaucracy, although this is in the process of fully moving to Dodoma. In addition, it is Tanzania’s most prominent city in arts, fashion, media, music, film and television and a leading financial centre.The city is the leading arrival and departure point for most tourists who visit Tanzania, including the national parks for safaris and the islands of Unguja and Pemba. Dar es Salaam is also the largest and most populous Swahili-speaking city in the world.

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